Photographs © 2000 by Tomás Arias de Sena (visit my personal home page). Permission is granted to reproduce these images to those who have stayed in the Canopy Tower.

Tomás' Canopy Tower Photo Gallery Page

Welcome fellow Canopy Towerites. Here are my photos from my Uncle Raúl's latest creation, the Canopy Tower. Be sure to visit the Tower's official home page!

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Finally, for some scenes of El Valle from my previous trips to Panama, click here!


1. One usually starts the day at the Canopy Tower awakening to the calls of the howler monkeys. Ascending to the top deck of the tower, one then sees Panama city in the distance, just before the dawn. A great way to start the day!

2. Dawn of the tropical sun at the Canopy Tower.

3. Just after dawn, many small birds appear in view from the tower. Here is one of our morning Tropical Kingbirds (Tyrannus melancholicus) in the branches. He's hard to see, but he's there in silhouette on the right-most branch of the bare-branched tree. These little guys like to sit on a brach, jump off and loop back as they catch flies in the morning light.

4. Next we go for a morning hike. Here is a small Panamanian forest frog (and the hand of Segundo, who is everyone's favorite guide!).

5. A three-toed sloth. (Again in silhouette in the center. Sorry about the colors. I had to computer "enhance" the image. I blew the exposure on this one...)

6. A blue butterfly. (Small object in center of photo.)

7. After a great lunch, we can see larger birds from the Tower. Is this one of the hawks? (Bird-expert information solicited!)

8. Later in the afternoon, a cruise ship passes through the Panama Canal. As we can see directly out one of the tower's windows!

9. Sunset. A great finish to a great day at the Canopy Tower!